Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY Crate Nightstand

I wanted a cheap nightstand that would have areas to organize my items in. I decided to make my own out of wooden crates.

Step 1: Decide how many crates you need for the height of your bed. Try placing them in different directions on each other to see what works best. I used three crates for my project. See if you want pieces taken out of the crates, all you need is the other end of a hammer to prop off different pieces. I used one crate upside down, and two more on top. I used a hammer to prop off one side on the other two crates.

Step 2: I painted all my crates white (of course use whatever color you like). Before you attach all the crates together, paint them and let them dry.

Step 3: Attach the crates together. I used four brackets, and 8 screws. See bellow:




  1. love it, i think i could actually do this.

  2. Did you use primer or sand them? Or just paint right on it? Any finishing sealer?

    1. Hello Mama, I used an all in one paint from Home Depot and did not need to sand them.

  3. Where did you get your wooden crates from?

  4. When you move them how to you have the front secured so they are not falling apart in the front?

  5. Great project! I love how you turned a vintage wood crate into a cottage-chic table with the eggshell color paint. Have you ever worked with wooden wine crates? They add a warm, wine-themed accent to bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. They're perfect for DIY tables and nightstands.

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