Monday, May 6, 2013

DIY Crate Nightstand

I wanted a cheap nightstand that would have areas to organize my items in. I decided to make my own out of wooden crates.

Step 1: Decide how many crates you need for the height of your bed. Try placing them in different directions on each other to see what works best. I used three crates for my project. See if you want pieces taken out of the crates, all you need is the other end of a hammer to prop off different pieces. I used one crate upside down, and two more on top. I used a hammer to prop off one side on the other two crates.

Step 2: I painted all my crates white (of course use whatever color you like). Before you attach all the crates together, paint them and let them dry.

Step 3: Attach the crates together. I used four brackets, and 8 screws. See bellow:



DIY Jewelry Shelf

I really needed something to put all my jewelry organized, and in one space. I was on a budget so I searched and searched online. I wasn't able to find anything and I came across a plain wooden shelf at Michaels Craft Store.

Step 1: Painting the shelf. Find a color that you like. I went to Lowes (however, after the experience there I only go to Home Depot now) and picked out a paint color and got a small sample amount which was more than enough to cover my shelf.

*In the pictures bellow you will see that I antiqued my shelf. Sorry for missing pictures. If you want the same look just use some sand paper on the edges. Scratch the shelf up in different places. You don't want to scratch lines all across that look made. You want it to look worn in some places. Next, I got a wet wash cloth, added brown paint to it, and rubbed it over and over the worn spots and wiped it off until I saw the color I wanted. This is super easy. You can use any brown paint. 

Step 3: I drilled small holes on each side on the inside of the shelf. In each hole I put a small eye hook, and two more eye hooks across the middle, spaced out. I used wire that hangs pictures on walls and put it through the eye hooks. THIS is for all the earings. I used 18 Guage - 50Ft. Aluminum Wire by OOK, bought at Michaels Craft Store. 

This is what the wire's purpose is and how it looks up close. 

Step 4: I bought a pack of small gold hooks from Home Depot. I decided I didn't want them gold, and they didn't have silver so I painted them with nail polish. I used the top to a shoebox to dry the hooks by hanging them on the box. You can't paint the entire hook, and then set it down. If you do it will get stuck to the object you lay it on.  I drilled tiny holes into the shelf and then screwed the hooks in.
Step 5: I bought two door knobs that were glass and clear. I drilled holes on the inside of the shelf to have something bigger and a little more of a unique look and screwed them in there. (Missing a photo here again, but check out the end result!)

Step 6: I bought two ring holders that are three rows each, with 6 placements on each row. I personally prefer the holders that are kind of like fingers. This was more on the costly side but if you save up the 40% off coupons for Michaels it isn't so bad! I built a small box to fit around it by buying small long pieces of wood, sawing them down, glueing them with wood glue, and painting them. (again missing photo but look at the end result. The boxes are on the top of the shelf.)

Step 7: I bought two wood pegs from Home Depot that had the screw attached to them. I drilled holes on the top of the shelf where I would want them at and of course followed the same paint and antiquing as the rest of the shelf. I put hooks on one of the pegs (to hang braclets on) and left the other peg to just put braclets so they're all touching. (see above for close up result)


I absolute love my shelf! Not only is all my jewelry in one place but it is a unique shelf with extra space to add picture frames, or add on. It's also great to see something I created. :]