Sunday, April 7, 2013

Scrapbook Covers Made Fun

Instead of having a simple plain scrapbook cover that looks boring or has just one picture on the cover, you can decorate the outside of the cover to give a preview of the inside pages! All you need is different momentos, stickers, jewels, beads, glitter glue, ribbon, etc and a hot glue gun. It took me only minutes to turn this:

Into this:

This scrapbook is of my pageant career. The card in the center was a good luck card from a best friend of mine given to me right before one of my pageants. I made it so that the card opens up and I can read it. I saved pink playing cards that I handed out to the other contestants at nationals with a note on it from me (I live in Las Vegas), and my "Nevada" sash from nationals. From cards from people throughout the years I cut out quotes and save them thus the quote to the right top corner. The "a charmed life" is from magazine cut outs glued to cardstock to give a thicker look. I hot glue gunned everything to the cover. 

Later I plan on using plate hangers to display my scrapbooks like this:

(found on pinterest, credit to: indulgy)

PS: You can save anything! Have a shoe box and fill it with cut outs from magazines, birthday cards, thank you cards, ticket stubs, fortune cookie fortunes, etc. These are things that make your pieces that much more unique from the generic stickers in the stores. 

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